Paris in Not a Hero

Topics: Greek mythology, Trojan War, Zeus Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Paris is Not a Hero
In Eth Clifford's Greek myth "Paris and the Golden Apple", the character of Paris does not demonstrate the qualities of a hero. A hero is someone that shows loyalty, respect and is very courageous. In this Greek myth, Paris does not represent a hero when he does not show his love for Oenone when he gratefully leaves her to go seek out the most beautiful woman in all the world. Once Paris gives Aphrodite the golden apple claiming her to be the most beautiful among the three, Paris shouts "I am tired of living a shepherd's life. It is time for me to see more of the world. I shall go to Sparta as Aphrodite directs." (213). Paris is stating that no matter what Oenone says he has made up his mind to leave her and go to Sparta. The true meaning of loyalty would be Paris staying in Mount Ida to be with the one he truly loves rather than leave her and risk all that he has. In the following quote, Paris shows no heroic actions because he is not being loyal to Oenone. He willingly leaves her to follow Aphrodite and he does this with no regret. Another reason making me believe Paris is not a hero is he shows much greed when arriving in Sparta. while in Sparta, Paris tries to take Helen away from Menelaus . This makes Paris a non hero because a hero would be someone who would stay true to himself and not try to hurt other people for no reason at all. "Leave Menelaus and come with me"(213) Paris says. In this quote Paris is trying to get Helen to leave Menelaus and to go away with him. He shows no regard for Helen and Menelaus knowing that they are truly in love with each other. This is showing that Paris does not care about anyone besides himself and he will only do what he thinks is best for him. These characteristics demonstrate that Paris is in fact not a hero. All the qualities he portrays go against what is said to be a true hero. Therefore, Paris is not a hero in the Greek myth, "Paris and the Golden Apple."
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