Parental Filters on the Internet: the Mechanisms Utilized by Parents in Controlling Their Children’s Access to Internet

Topics: Internet, Elaboration likelihood model, Attitude change Pages: 12 (3776 words) Published: February 7, 2013


A Thesis Presented to
The College of Communication
Polytechnic University of the Philippines


A Research Proposal
Of the Requirement for the Degree
Bachelor in Communication Research


Bellen, Jessilyn
Manlangit, Janna Marie
Martinez, Odessa Jane
Ronquillo, Jon-Jon

March 2012

Technology, often defined as the application of science, was basically the crafts practiced by unschooled artisans (McClellan, 2006). Technologies had tangibly affected the people’s way of living, since these are made to improve their quality of life. Its existence was completely evident on how our ancestors developed simple choppers into fine blades, and later on, discovered the utilization of fire. One of the present discoveries was the Internet, which gradually diminished the barrier between communications. It served as a gateway of people all over the globe into the social scene. As perceived by Gralla (1998), Internet is the purest form of electronic democracy—where no single person, group or organization runs the Internet. It was made possible through computers interconnected with each other, sharing common information. These computers range from personal to government-owned databases, both local and international, to academic and business-oriented computers. A telephone, a modem, and a computer of course, are needed in able to connect to the Internet. Once you are connected to the Internet, your computer becomes an extension: another linkage on the Internet. Though the Internet was first used as a defense project of the United States, the Internet had evolved into being the newest kind of media. And eventually, it was used in schools, workplaces and businesses as well. It was able to help students in their home works, or catch up with the lessons they missed, and everybody’s favorite—social networking. As for professionals, the Internet enabled them to conduct video conferences, giving people who aren’t able to attend a certain meeting at ease. The Internet helped entrepreneurs as well, in finding the best products the community wants today, as well as providing on-line service with its customers. However, despite of all these good application of Internet, we cannot deny the fact that there are people who upload gore, violence and other explicit content. Though every information shared over the Internet has its own target audiences, parents should be literate enough to regulate and filter information their children are about to view. Parents, in the first place, are the one who thought their children to speak and communicate. Internet is the one that thought students to communicate and explore beyond extent. But parents are parents; they own their child and internet doesn’t. Internet can change someone but their parents can still control them. But still, as members of the society, we have to be responsible of what we access on the Internet, concerning especially the children. Kids these days spend more time on the Internet as much as our age does, which is very alarming, since this triggers children in accessing restricted material. Even social networking sites are surrounded with pedophiles and sexual predators, waiting for its prey to be devoured. Assuming that majority of the respondents control and filter their children’s use of the Internet, this study seeks to answer the forms of mechanisms utilized by every parent in a particular household, and its significance to child protection.

Background of the Study
As what Anne Frank stated, “Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.” In this quote, it is evident that parents are meant to support their children in forming their personalities in any aspect of his life. In the Philippine context, it is...
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