Contribution to Radio Programme "Changing Time"

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Imagine your local radio station is producing a series of programmes entitled “Changing Times”, in which teenagers are asked to give their views on the changes they welcome in the world around them. You have been invited to contribute. Write out the text of the presentation you would make.

There are many changes that I welcome in the world around me; but I would like to discuss four specific ones with you on air here today.

The first change that I welcome into today’s world is the internet. The introduction of this will be remembered by man forever. Now we have this ability, we wonder how we ever survived without it. With the introduction of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, we are now able to catch up with friends we met 3 years ago at Irish camp, or something as simple as checking out the photos from suchabody’s 18 birthday party that we attended last night. But the abilities of the internet extend way beyond the fickle holds of 21st century social networking. Using the internet enables us to research anything we could possibly think of and more. “Google it” has now become such a commonly used phrase; we have students complaining if they are not allowed to use the internet for a project – since Google “knows everything”. Moving beyond social networking, the internet allows us to not only keep in touch with friends and family in all four corners of the earth (from emailing your granny over in Blackrock, to ‘skyping’ your friend Tom who moved down under to Australia); but also to meet new people who share our interests. Foreign language students are able to make new friends online with students their age in other countries and communicate quickly and easily with them. The internet is also an excellent news source. With news broadcasters such as Sky, CNN and even closer to home with RTÉ news all setting up websites, we are able to catch up on anything from terrorist attacks to the latest showbiz gossip in an instant.

Relating to the internet;...
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