Paper on Insubordination

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  • Published : August 14, 2012
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PV2 Carrelo Rivera, Alex
6th Platoon
Class 12-12

What is Insubordination? Insubordination can have many different definitions depending on that individual person’s perception; It is in layman’s terms; the act of willfully disobeying or disrespecting a higher authority. In the United States Military, this type of disrespect is punishable under the Uniform Code Of Military Justice (UCMJ), under Article 91. In the civilian world, although Insubordination is most of the time let go and given with a warning; in the United States Military, Insubordination is not tolerated in any way, shape, and or form and could result in the immediate discharge of any service member if the severity allowed it. Insubordination in the Military goes against many of the 7 Core Army Values, one of them being Respect; if one can’t respect their superiors and complete simple task, how are the leaders supposed to respect them and expect them to ever accomplish their missions. It shows a lack of discipline, which is the essential for any soldier in order to be enlisted in the Military. It creates a bad rapport for the United States Military in showing how our soldiers are trained throughout their entire military career. Although insubordination is usually picked up and dealt with during a servicemembers beginning stages such as Basic Combat Training (BCT), or Advanced Individual Training (AIT), most disrespectful soldiers slip through the cracks and continue this type of behavior throughout their whole entire career. Eventually if never corrected, this type of behavior will catch up to them and may result in numerous consequences such as; court martial, UCMJ action, loss of friends, family, isolation, and the worse case scenario for any servicemember separation from the United States Uniformed Services. Insubordination in the Military is not limited to rank or time in service; a very famous example of Insubordination is when General Douglas MacArthur, was relieved of command...
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