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Khalil Rashid
Research Paper
A Head Case
In the game of football hitting is one of the key aspects of the game. For some fans this is one reason why they attend football games in the first place. Hitting for fans gives excitement and gives off the impression of football being a gladiator sport. Which football is, because of the way hitting and tackling are a part of the game. The way hitting is taught is by use of the helmet and facemask. The person that is tackling the opponent is taught to put the top of their helmet where the facemask is located and ram the person in the chest or head. Some coaches teach their players the way of tackling is to wrap the opponent with their arms and pull the back of their jersey down so that that the player goes down safely. Then again, there is no correct defined way of tackling. The way the player performs theses action rely on the player skill. According to the journal of biomechanics, the rates of concussions are due to the liner acceleration to the head. While there are other sources that believe that the cause of the concussions are due to the consistency of repeated blows to the head. In the NFL there are some players that sole responsibilities are to take out the other team’s players. Look at the New Orleans Saints for example; in a investigation conducted by the NFL sources say that the defensive coordinator of the saints paid the players money to them to injure the other team’s best players. Another example is the player Jack Tatum. He was named for the "Assassin for his big hits and talking out opposing players. Fans need to start to realize that there’s more to the game than just big hits, fans lose sight of catching balls, throwing touch downs, and running for big yards. Fans need to start to regain this interest, for the sake of the lives of many NFL players, based on the fact that the concussion rate continues to grow. The NFL has implemented concussion test to help reduce the risk of brain damage later in life. The players don’t like this rule because they know that they will not be able to play for at least 2 weeks or until their symptoms are gone. In an interview done by the HBO show Real Sports linebacker Brian Urlacher stated that “If I have a concussion these days, I’m going to say something happened to my toe or knee just to get my bearings for a few plays”. What Brian and many other players in the NFL don’t realize is that they are only damaging their brain even more. The NFL implemented rules and regulations for teams about player safety, one way of doing this was by revoking the 3 person wedge that can be created when returning kickoffs from the end zone. This will stop the problem of one person running down field trying to be the “wedge buster” can cause damage to themselves. This whole epidemic starts in little league football where coaches teach players how to tackle and hit other players. If these players are taught the wrong technique but, it’s ok by the coaches they will continue this bad habit throughout their football careers. “Players will only continue to get bigger” noted by Kristen Weir author of the article titled “Hard Hit”. Weir also noted that. There were in 230 injuries by the of the NFL football season due to head related injuries. Weir also says in her report that “One and five athletes that play football sustained a concussion in this past year”. This issue of the way tackling and hitting in football should be changed based upon three factors; one that the players that intentionally going out to injure other players should be banned from the league. Two that players do not realize the factors that will happen to their brain if they continue to hit this way, And lastly change the way that tackling and hitting are being taught today because all it is causing is concussions in athletes.

First and foremost let’s examine why people start to play the game of football. Some players play for money, like the NFL, and some play for...
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