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Dementia is a type of disorder that affects the central nervous system. It’s not a disease itself but a group of symptoms that characterize disease and conditions. It’s commonly defined as a decline in intellectual functioning that is severe enough to interfere with the ability to perform routine activities. It causes significant loss of intellectual abilities, such as memory capacity, severe enough to interfere with social or occupational functioning. Dementia‘s a general term that also includes specific disorders like vascular dementia as well as others.

Doctors typically would find out about the patients medical history before diagnosing them with Dementia, finding any possible risks that would increase a patient’s chance of having it. Like family members that may have had the disorder, or any other neurological disease, history of stroke and alcohol or drug abuse. A doctor may also perform a physical examination including Neurological Examination and appropriate laboratory tests. The American Psychiatric Association has established two generally accepted criteria for diagnosis; erosion of recent and remote memory and impairment of one of more the following functions, language, motor activity, recognition and executive function.

Dementia causes serious memory, personality, and behavior problems that the person cannot recognize, for example being able to drive, then forgetting and losing the ability, and not knowing they should not drive. Other issues with memory loss may be difficulty recalling recent events, recognizing familiar people and places. The person suffering from Dementia may also experience Depression, and uncontrollable mood swings. Personal care may also become an issue when dealing with types of Dementia. Some types of Dementia may cause key symptoms such as Lewy Bodies. People with that specific type of Dementia may have highly detailed visual hallucinations and they may often fall. Most of these symptoms occur over time and do not come...
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