Why Do People Study Foreign Languages

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Individual Assigment
4 A4, 1188203115
Individual Assigment

Why Do People Learn Foreign Language ?
Language is a system of communication for us to interact with others. Without language we may not be able to interact, because language is the source for the creation of human interaction with others. The language in the world is very much, on average every countries has different language even though there are the same but not many and not completely the same pronunciation, for example, is that the English language is divided into two, namely the UK and the USA, after we listen well, the pronunciation is very different.

English is international language which taught in many school in the wolrd. The utilization of English that very increasing make this language more learning by many peoples. Peoples of many country in Africa and North America which was under the British rule already accustomed speak English. They have no difficulty to make conversations with English, even though that British government has left them many years ago. For the countries that never became a British colony, the use of English is something new for them. Therefore, English is not considered as second language but as foreign language.

Learning English as a foreign language will be more difficult than learning English as a second language. Because, they had been knew English well enough. Whereas, for peoples who are not familiar with English at all, teachers must use a lot of illustrations, images, video and sound recordings to help peoples listening, speaking, reading and writing in English very well. But it isn’t necessary for all students who have made English as a second language. In this period, thousands of people learning English as their foreign language. They have many diverse reasons for learn it. The first and most obvious one is communication: you might want (or need) to communicate with someone who only...
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