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The last decade the number of students rise spectacularly, from less than 3000 to over 240.000 in 2010/2011. Especially after World War II the number of students rise quickly, because of the large number of baby boomers in de sixties. The accesability of university education was expanded and the number of different studies grow (Apperloo & Van der Bie, 2011, p. 10). In this paper, I will show different reasons why there is an increase in students. The central question therefore would be: what are the developments/reaseons in education that caused an increase in students?

Increase in WO students
In the academic year 1900 / '01 had university education (WO) less than three thousand students, mostly men, with a population of over five million. In 2010 / '11 stood in the wo 242,000 students enrolled in a population of over 16.5 million. In 110 years, the number of university students almost 86 times as large become Yearbook Education in figures 2011 11

while the total population but more than three times as big. The number of students in We took it to the Second World War gradually slightly. In 1926 / '27, the number of 10,000 university students reached in 1945 / '46, the number for the first time above 20 thousand. The mobilization for the First World War caused a slight decrease in 1914 / '15, while the number of students which declined during the economic crisis of the thirties.

The growth in the first half of the 20th century was the result of the development of Netherlands from an agricultural economy to an industrial and commercial economy and a increasing prosperity. The accessibility of university education was partly fostered since 1917 also HBS-B graduates and from 1924 HBS-a-one graduates university could follow. Before this was only reserved for grammar school students. Moreover, more and more students went to high school and gymnasium and took a diploma there. The number of study options grew. There were more universities and in the number of studies (faculties) increased.

After World War II, the number of university students much faster. a good training and a diploma in general were increasingly important. The company asked for more (higher) educated people. The number of learning opportunities expanded further and participation in higher education was not only for the higher classes play. The lower middle class and working-class children were given the opportunity to study. From the mid-sixties came the big

numbers of baby boomers with. In 1970 / '71 we had the more than 100,000 students and in 1987 / '88 nearly 200,000.
In the late eighties the development has stabilized and the mid nineties, the total number of students in university decrease (to 161 thousand in the academic year 1998 / '99). This was the result of budget cuts by the government and a decrease in the number of young people. In the section on expenditures later in this section elaborates in greater detail on the measures of the government to make higher education more effective to make. From 1998/99 is Wed grew again.

More and more women in higher education
At the beginning of the twentieth century, but very little girls to a higher continuing, let alone a university. The first woman on a Dutch university was Aletta Jacobs (1854-1929). She was also the first woman doctor was and the first woman doctorate. Johanna Westerdijk (1883-1961) was the first female professor. In 1917 they (extraordinary) professor of plant pathology in Utrecht. Yearbook Education in figures 2011 13 In 1900 / '01 was less than 5 percent of the enrolled students are women. the share women among university students took to the early seventies but very slowly increasing. Then it was about 20 percent of the students are women. There are now (since 2006 / '07), more women than men...
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