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“Zeal to Zoom high , Aspiring to touch the sky ;
Power to reach Pinnacles, Determined to overcome Obstacles;
Set to sail towards new Horizons , Eager to raise a proud Nation” ‘Excellence and Exception’ have been our ‘Goals’
‘INDIACom – 2013’ Welcomes you ALL....
A crusade that we began seven years back, to work for the technological development of the nation , is ready to take another leap forward, towards the accomplishment of its axiom to brilliance , yes the crusade called INDIACOM is all set to turn seven this year. A warm overwhelming morning and gracious felicitations to one and all present here.

I, Parul Arora , on behalf of the entire BVICAM family feel immensely proud and gratified to welcome such esteemed dignitaries today to ‘INDIACom – 2013’ , the 7th rendering of the annual national conference on ‘Computing for Nation Development’ .

It is well said that ‘Average minds discuss People &
Great minds discuss Ideas.’

INDIACom empowers to express unprecedented ideas, witnessing mercurial discussions on the newly emerging avenues of innovation in technology. It is an obstinate effort to bring highly eminent speakers, professionals, technocrats, senior delegates from different wings of IT Industry & various government organisations under one roof.

It is an event to put forth new strategies on how to combat what ails our progress and stimulate numerous issues of persistent concern. The ulterior motive of this mega event is to boost our technological advancement pace to yield a better future for all strata’s of society.

INDIACom provides a manifested vision to promote practices which are distinctive,
to preserve what must be preserved and
to progress when and where it is so desired.

INDIACom provokes to usher into a new era of computing and embarks a new horizon of technology tutelage.

As the Korean proverb goes,” All the beads in the world won’t make a necklace until you string them together.” So is the vision and mission of our temple of learning – BVICAM. BVICAM has been hosting INDIACom event for the past 6 years with a clear objective of combining enduring strength of knowledge with razor-sharp research abilities of exalted researchers. ‘Research is not only to see what everybody else has seen, But to think what nobody else has thought. ’

This event manages to gather highly intellectual and exceptionally talented individuals for simulation of ideas, hope and vision to an extent which has enthralled our audiences.

So, we hereby invite you all to experience the grandeur of this conference and avail the provided opportunities to create scope for better future.

Pacing with the last year’s accomplishments and aiming further, we hereby present you INDIACom – 2013 , in association with Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University; IETE, Delhi Centre; and CSI Delhi Chapter.

The conference will span over for two days – 7th and 8th March inculcating in its itinerary- paper presentations and seminar distributed in four parallel tracks of – Digital World, High Performance Computing, Changing Architectural & Programming Paradigm, and Other Emerging Technologies. The paper presentation would be followed by an astounding cultural evening organized by students of BVICAM. The third day, i.e. 9th March will witness the annual fest of BVICAM- National Students Convention which consists of Paper Presentations by students and various inter-college cultural and technical activities. We anticipate that, with the ongoing support of all participating members, INDIACom would emerge as a much appreciated endeavour which will provide a platform in arousing sensitivity, broadening our mindset by enhancing our knowledge of global issues and hence opening vistas for more vivid conferences in the consecutive years. We wish you, All the very Best for the forthcoming days...

We welcome you all...
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