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The Power of Vital.

Undoubtedly, the most important component to human health and vitality of oxygen. In fact, human life would not be possible without it: oxygen produces ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and within ATP our bodies would immediately shut down. When a person breathes, there is an exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen. The oxygen, which is taken in by the body from the atmosphere around us, is picked up by the hemoglobin in the blood and distributed to all of the body’s trillions of cells where it is then used to fuel the fuel and release energy (ATP or adenosine triphosphate).

In addition, the makeup of the human body is largely composed of the element oxygen, especially factoring in that water is composed of 33% oxygen.

Its clear, then, that optimal oxygenation of your cells through proper nutrition, fluid intake, exercise, and stress management is absolutely necessary in order to maintain your health and create a vital life.

“Improper breathing is a common cause of ill health. If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly. There is no single more powerful-or more simple-daily practice to further your health and well being than breath work.” Andrew Weil, M.D.

1. Lymphasizing: The Benefits of Rebounding.
a. The vertical use of accretion, deceleration, and gravity provide the ideal conditions for cleansing cells. b. Rebounding is a true cellular exercise. It builds physical cellular strength by challenging the structure of each cell. This strengthens of the cells helps to protect against degenerative disease. c. It leads to improved posture, increased vascularity, better muscle tone, enhanced timing, sharper vision, greater coordination, better balance, more rhythm, and elevated energy levels. d. By working against the constant gravitational pressure while bouncing, you resist the earth’s pull. Gravity becomes a force for the good of your entire body. e. Rebounding will let you improve the workings of your heart muscles by improving the tome and quality of the muscle itself and by increasing the coordination of the fibers as they wring blood out of the heart during each beat. f. It provides the stimulates for a free flowing lymphatic drainage system, which helps rid your body of toxins, cancer cells, wastes, trapped protein, bacteria, viruses, and other wastes the cells cast off. g. When you are rebounding, you are flooding the cells with oxygen. This enables them to convert glucose into ATP and also into glycogen. Thus, rebounding can actually increase your ability to convert glucose into glycogen. Further, it may be possible to train your brain through consistent lymphasizing to store this glycogen and have it released when you need it for a sudden burst of energy.

2. The Power of Living Water and Living Foods.
Water is an essential and major component of all living matter. It is the largest single component of the body. Our brains are 76% water, our lungs are90% water, our blood is 84% water, and blood plasma is 98% water. Critical processes such as digestion, circulation, and exertion cannot occur without it. It carries nutrients to all vital body substances, plays a crucial role in maintaining body temperature, and serves as building material for growth and repair of the body.

Question what is the most important element to health? Oxygen without it we would die within minutes.

Questions. How long can your body survive without air? How long can your body survive without food? How long can your body survive without water intake? A. The second most important element in our body health is water. An adult can live several days weeks without food, but no more than a about 10 days without water. Your body only can lose about 10% of tits water and still survive. B. How do you get hydrated? Through activities of daily living, the average day’s loss of fluid is 2.5 liters, which is generally...
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