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BSC 2011L – Biodiversity Lab Spring 2013 Syllabus

TA’s name: ______________________Office location: ______________________ E-mail: ______________________Office hours: ______________________

Lab Supervisor: Irmgard Lukanik (for problems that cannot be resolved with the TA) E-mail:
Office: ISA 3004

Introduction and Objectives –
This course is a hands-on introduction to biodiversity. You will become familiar with evolutionary theory and the scientific classification scheme and accumulate practice in identifying and classifying organisms. It is imperative that you keep up with the work on a weekly basis and be prepared for class. Each week, you will be required to read the assigned modules (accessible on Blackboard under BSC2011L.allS13 in your course list) and complete an online quiz/competency check before coming to lab in preparation for the hands-on exercises. Quizzes will be posted at least one week prior to each lab. You will have one attempt ONLY to complete each quiz. The scores will be counted as part of your participation grade, with each quiz worth 15 points. This lab is SELF-DIRECTED. Your TA is here to guide you through a discovery process, not tell you what to memorize. You will only earn an A if you take the initiative to understand the concepts. Your TA will hold regular office hours in order to answer any questions that you may have.

Attendance and Make-Up Policy –
You are required to attend every lab exercise and to arrive on time. Absences will be excused for documented emergencies ONLY. Documentation may include a doctor’s note (for an illness, not routine care), summons for jury duty, funeral record or similar personalized documentation. Lab absences due to inclement weather, unless classes are canceled as a result of University closure, do not represent extenuating circumstances.

Note: Documentation for illness may be obtained on campus at Student Health Services. Visits are free of charge, although there may be charges for lab tests, medications, etc. The Billing and Fee Schedule can be accessed at

Make-ups must be arranged with your TA and must be completed during the same week as the missed lab because materials are removed at the end of each week. If you miss your normal lab session but make it up later in the week with a documented excuse, you will not be penalized. If you anticipate missing a lab as a result of a religious holiday, you must inform your TA in writing by the second week of class and provide documentation of your religious obligation.

IMPORTANT: Because of the hands-on nature of labs, more than two absences without make-ups, whether excused or unexcused will result in a grade of ‘F’ for this course.

Laboratory Participation Policy –
Several courses in the Department of Integrative Biology (including this one) require the use, manipulation, or euthanasia of live animals or the use of preserved animals as an indispensable part of the laboratory exercises. By enrolling in these courses, a student agrees to participate in the laboratory experiments that utilize live or dead animals. Although a student who objects on the basis of religious or moral grounds need not participate directly in the euthanasia or dissection of tissues, the student is expected to participate in data collection, write lab reports, and take quizzes and exams using dissected animals. Failure to participate will have a negative impact on the final grade in the course. It is the student’s responsibility to bring up any concerns to the faculty member in charge by the completion of the first laboratory session. All protocols for the use of animals in the Department of Integrative Biology have been approved by the USF IACUC and adhere to State and Federal regulations.

Materials Required –
* regular internet access from home...
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