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  • Published: November 15, 2011
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Will Jeffries
Period Two
Organic Chemistry

Extraction and Evaporation. Separating the Components of Panacetin.

Pre-Lab: Analgesic drugs are known for reducing pain, while antiseptic drugs reduce symptoms such as fevers and swelling. However, some of these drugs can reduce both illnesses. To obtain a pure compound in these drugs, the scientist needs to separate the desired compound by taking advantage of the different physical and chemical properties. Such as; different boiling points, melting points and their solubility properties. To do this a chemist can also asses the differences between acidic and basic substances when they are added to water soluble mixtures. Within this current experiment I will asses the pharmaceutical preparation of Panacetin, by using it's solubility along with other organic molecules. We know that Panacetin is made up of sucrose, aspirin and some other unknown substance. We know the substance has to be Phenacetin or Acetanilide. To help solidify our reasoning, we need a % recovery of 8-12% sucrose, 35-45% aspirin and 45-55% unknown. Sucrose for example is insoluble in dichloromethane, while aspirin is soluble in CH2Cl2, but not in H2O. The organic compound sodium hydroxide will convert aspirin to Sodium Acetylsalicylate, which is soluble in water. Phenacetin and Actinilide are soluble in CH2Cl2, but not water. Actinilide and Phenacetin can be converted to salts by Sodium Hydroxide. The drawn out calculations on the last page will show this process being completed. Phenacetin and Acetinilide being broken down into salts helps us express that, Panacetin and dichloromethane should dissolve the aspirin and our unknown substance, but leave our sucrose behind that can be extracted by filtration. Aspirin can then be dissolved by an aqueous solution, HCL and dichloromethane. Which will then be converted to a salt. Once we dissolve the salt, our unknown solution will be left behind. The drawn out calculations on the last...
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