Separating the Components of “Panacetin”

Topics: Melting, Liquid, Temperature Pages: 3 (674 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Title: Separating the components of “Panacetin”
Name: Ip, Wing Chung (Vincent)
Lab Partner: Ma, Siyin
Date: 2/3/2013

The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the composition of compounds in Panacetin. Generally, it is made up of sucrose, aspirin and an unknown component, either acetanilide or phenacetin. SinceBy using different techniques, such as filtration, extraction, and evaporation, those three components have been isolated out, which is based on varies solubility and acid-based properties. The percentage of composition of Panacetin are also found, which is based on the mass of three dried components.

The process:
“panacetin” + Dichloromethane Solid sucrose + aspirin + unknown component (By Filtration) Aspirin + unknown components + NaOH aqueous layer + organic layer Aqueous layer + HCl aspirin (By filtration)

Organic layer Unknown (By Evaporation)

Procedure and Observation:
0.30093 g of panacetin was weighed and mixed well with 50 ml of dichloromethane. After stirring the solution thoroughly, some solid is formed (solid sucrose) and liquid. With using a preweighed filter paper to filter the mixture, and after the sucrose had dried, it was weighed out to 0.7756g. For the aqueous layer, adding 10ml of 6M HCl(pH 2) and filtered using vacuum filtration and after cooled in the ice bath. Leaving behind is the solid aspirin which was weighed out as 1.2469g. Lastly, to measure the weight of the unknown solid component of panacetin, putting the organic layer in a warm water bath to evaporate the solvent and the remain is the solid residue. Extract the unknown solid component of panacetin, which was weighed to be 0.8946g. After measure the unknown component, transferring the sample into the beaker with the hot water to dissolve the sample completely and then letting it cool by putting the beaker into the ice. After that, collect the solid by vacuum filtration and the filtered product was weighed 1.1759g In order to...
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