Pan's Labyrinth -- Narrative & Genre

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  • Published : December 23, 2012
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Pan’s Labyrinth is a pubescence story of a little girl and Spain. The film tells both the Spanish Ciwil War and Ofelia’s fairy tales at the same time. When I look into the event flow I can see easily Propp’s effects. The film based on the fairy tale elements, almost entirely coincide with Propp’s formal elements for fairy tales. V. Propp is not opposed to the examination of the historical tale. According to Propp the best to perform historical imagery is founding formal rules also formal researches should supported by historical investigations. Propp determines function as the fundamental elements of the narrative. Despite the diversity of topics and people he detects a limited number of function in his studies. What individuals are doing is important than how the actions of individuals.

Ofelia is sent to labyrinth by guidance of fairies who do not speak. If Ofelia can perform three tasks which Pan gives will be the princess.
Propp tells that tales have seven types of roles and one character can play several roles. According to the film,
Villain: Vidal – torturing people, killing innocent people, manly lives like fascist ideology.
Hero: Ofelia-trying to expant to Princess Moanna under the direction of Pan.
Donor: The book-pathfinder.
Helper: Mercedes-triyng to protect Ofelia from the real world.
Princess: Carmen-suffering from unborn baby and needs help.
Dispatcher: Pan-describes tasks for Ofelia to be a princess.
False Hero: Pan-in the final scene in restoring Ofelia's family
Propp identifies thirty-one common function in tales. Functions in the form of fairy tales are binary oppositions. Pan’s Labyrinth has most of these functions. The hero encounters a ban refers to Ofelia’s ban to eating from banquet table and then breaking the rule refers to eating grapes. Villian tries to deceive her to seize the power and Vidal does not care Carmen and her health, he only cares the unborn baby. Hero...