Elizabeth Panttaja: Critique Final Draft

Topics: Stepfamily, Ugly sisters, Family Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Bethany Curl

Elizabeth Panttaja: Critique Final Draft.

When one reads Elizabeth Panttaja’s “Cinderella: Not so morally superior” the individual may find themselves wrapped in a slew of opinions. Not only does Panttaja’s view illuminate a new perspective entirely it also can be described as exceptionally entertaining as well. Panttaja portrays a theme that boldly announces to the audience that things are not always as they appear to be. When embracing the opinionated content of this literature the reader cannot be an individual who is indecisive. In the event that the audience member is indecisive then they must beware because Panttaja has a great gift of persuasion. As a general overview however, her bold ideas are rather far-fetched.

Throughout Elizabeth Panttaja’s article, the audience is provided with impressive mental illustrations in which portray the Cinderella society recognizes today as deceptive. The idea Pantajja is presenting to her intended audience comes from the foundation of the original Cinderella titled “Ashputtle.” Panttaja discloses that “Cinderella….has little to do with her being a standup citizen and more to do with her intense loyalty to her dead mother and a string of subversive acts; she disobeys the stepmother, enlists in forbidden helpers, uses magical powers, lies, hides, dissembles, disguises herself and evades pursuit”(Panttaja #60). The superior statement may be directly interpreted as Pantajja believes firmly that Cinderella is horribly misbehaved, disrespectful alongside deceitful.

The entire purpose or reasoning behind “Cinderella: Not so Morally Superior could be several things. Panttaja could in fact be simply informing the audience at which is unfamiliar to “Ashputtle”, persuading the world that Americas notion of Cinderella is the opposite of the truth, or providing controversial entertainment. Regardless of which is her intention, Elizabeth Panttaja is quite frankly great at all three! Panttaja would...
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