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  • Published: April 10, 2013
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In Bangladesh, the Ready Made Garments sector is playing an important role in enhancing our economy and this sector draws global attention for its quality production and huge employment women workers. From decades after decades it seems that the dependence on Garment industry growing in Bangladesh. Textiles make up about 85% of Bangladesh's exports, earning the country some $6bn annually and currently, this sector employs approximately 2.2 million workers, of whom almost 80% are women. (Statistical Year Book of Bangladesh, 2008 edition). Though this sector is dealing with a large number of female labor pool but most of them are unaware about the health and safety issues as well as their rights for the secure working environment and equal treatment. It is fair to say that this sector has created enormous economic opportunities for the country’s women. Despite the great effort which these brave women working hard day and night are showing, are not getting the due recognition from their employers which they very rightly deserve. Not only that, they are even denied of their basic rights. When it comes to their reproductive health and other related issues, very less importance are given. Although the scenario is changing for good day by day, nevertheless they are constantly being ignored from many basic facilities which are essential for their day to day living.

Purpose of our Study

To be explicit, in short the purpose of the study is to get an understanding of working conditions and environment for female garments workers with focus on the reproductive health issues as per the ethical perspective. The study also wish to get an idea of problems and challenges face by female garments workers in relation to working conditions and reproductive health issues. To conduct the study, the key questions that we used to figure out our issues of interest are as follows: i) How working conditions and environment are affecting female garments...
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