Palm Vein Technology

Topics: Biometrics, Computer security, Surveillance Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: June 6, 2012
Forget about signatures and photo IDs, forget about PIN numbers, forget about fingerprint, voiceprint, iris scan, or facial recognition security technologies to counter forged or stolen user IDs. Palm vein ID authentication, which uses an infrared sensor to capture the user's vein pattern unique to every individual's palm for an exquisitely sensitive biometric authentication technique. The palm vein scanner has no deleterious effect on the body, nor does it require that the device be touched, unlike current fingerprint scanners, other limitations of various other technologies are related to measuring external features. On the contrary, palm vein recognition seems not to be affected by aging; neither cuts, scars, tattoos, nor skin color affect the scan’s outcome; and, given that veins are internal, they can hardly be tampered with. As we increasingly rely on computers and other machines in our daily lives, ensuring the security of personal information and assets becomes more of a challenge. To help deal with this growing problem, Fujitsu has developed a unique biometric security technology that puts access in the palm of your hand and no one else's.. In all these applications, the key to securing your assets and data will be in the palm of your hand. The new technology has many potential applications such as an ultra secure system for ATMs and banking transactions, server log in system, an authorization system for front doors, schools, hospital wards, storage areas, and high security areas in airports, and even facilitating library lending, doing away with the age-old library card system.
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