Paleolithic Age

Topics: Neolithic, Paleolithic, Mesolithic Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: December 1, 2012
The Stone Age

Social Studies
Mrs. Pérez

By: Alexander Colón
6th grade

The Stone Age
Now I think we can all admit that The Stone Age was not a good time to be living in the glory and all that. But I bet we would all be having some pretty good times with the things that you were able to do back then. So, let me explain some to you. During the Paleolithic age nomads grouped together into small societies called bands. They also subsisted by gathering plants, hunting, or scavenging wild animals. They did this by using wood or bones carved to use as weapons. They started to use stones in the Neolithic so I will get to that later. Other organic commodities were adapted for use as tools also like leather or vegetable fibers. Although the Paleolithic age is part of the Stone Age nomads did not use stones until the Neolithic age; I’ll get to that now. The beginning of the Neolithic culture is co0nsidered to be in the Levant about 10200-8800 BCE. It formed directly from the Epipaleolithic Nafutian culture in the region, whose people pioneered the use of wild cereals, which evolved into real farming. The Nafutian period was 12000-10200 BCE, and the so-called “proto-Neolithic “is now included in the PPNA between 10200-8800 BCE. As the Nafutians had become dependent on wild cereal in their diet and a sedentary way of life had begun among them, the climatic changes and associated with the younger dryas are thought to have forced people to have develop farming. There also were weapons made by stones, flint, and other materials. I did not include this in the intro, but the Mesolithic actually falls between the Neolithic and Paleolithic age. Did you know that in the Stone Age you did not have to have a license for anything? If you wanted to go kill a horse, slap somebody, or even throw a rock at somebody you can do it without anybody telling you so. The term Mesolithic was first used to post-Holocene, but pre-agricultural material in Norwest Europe about...
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