Palawan Mining

Topics: Philippines, God, Natural environment Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: October 4, 2011
"The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to till and keep it," Genesis 2:15. We were created by God to take care of his beautiful creation. To nurture, protect, and appreciate his creation are just some of the responsibilities given to us by God. But are we doing our responsibilities as stewards of his creation? Are we protecting our home?

Nowadays many environmental issues are present around the world, but let’s not go too far. The video we watched made me witness the biggest environmental issue here in the Philippines which is the Mining in Palawan. Palawan is not just one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines but also around the world. It is an Island where many tourists come, where they can appreciate the true beauty of nature. But because of the continuous mining, a lot of places in Palawan are wrecked and are turned to mining sites. This made a lot of concern Filipinos eager to let the mining cease for it causes destruction to Palawan. And because of this, a movement that promotes the “No to Mining in Palawan” campaign was made possible by the Save Palawan Movement. It calls all the Filipinos and other citizens to support in redeeming the beauty of Palawan.

Small- scale mining act of 1991 and Philippine Mining Act of 1995 makes mining in Palawan legal. But despite the limitations given by the law, many mining companies abuse and violate these laws. Many devastating effects were caused by Large Scale Mining in Palawan. It had put adverse social impact on the people living in the near mining sites. Communities, especially our indigenous brothers and sisters, have lost their source of income. People living in the mountains of Palawan can no longer avail the bounty of nature. Also large scale mining corporations are owned by foreigners and it means they’re the ones benefiting our natural resources.
As stewards of God’s creations, we must act and do our responsibilities in ensuring the...
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