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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Product packaging plays an important role in the marketing mix Packaging plays an important role as a medium in the marketing mix, in promotion campaigns, as a pricing criterion, in defining the character of new products, as a setter of trends and as an instrument to create brand identity and shelf impact in all product groups. 

The findings of many other research projects are supplemented by the survey carried out by IRI (Information Resources Inc.), which provides information about this subject from extensive, in-depth interviews and POS polls, specifically including the issue of multisensory appeal, which is a particular trend. It also presents new arguments and evidence confirming a central conviction held by the packaging industry: that the shopper appreciates and in fact explicitly wants to receive stimulation for the buying decision he is making when standing in front of the supermarket shelf, often even preferring this to other forms of communication. He is keen to be informed and inspired, tempted and pampered by surprising and persuasive functions, emotions and sensual impressions. 

The top ten requests about packaging 

Even though the consumer is not dissatisfied with the packaging available on the market, he would still like to be tempted by functional and attractive packaging ideas, by multisensory appeal and creative design - preferably with packaging ideas made from board. He acknowledges additional benefits and appeal and is even willing to pay an extra charge for them. Good starting points for improvements, changes, innovations which optimise the features of packaging that determine buying decisions and thus generate new market potential can be summarised in consumers' top ten requests about product packaging: 

1. Eye-catching appearance A distinctive, unmistakable and eye-catching appearance is a signal at the POS to which all consumers and particularly the younger ones respond positively. Whatever stands out clearly in the...
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