Pacifism Durring World War Ii

Topics: World War II, World War I, Adolf Hitler Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Pacifism during World War II
During the World War II battle some people believed that pacifism was the answer toward stopping it. George Orwell, one of the most important controversial writers during the twentieth century, was stunned and enraged at the people who believed pacifism would help end the war. How can someone expect to win by being pacifist when the enemy cannot be reasoned with? Orwell’s passionate antifascism during War World II led him into conflict with the liberal pacifist movement. This led him to attack back against active pacifist with his writings in the “London Letter”, a column in the American magazine Partisan Review .This addressed how pacifism during a war does nothing to stop the enemy but instead gives them the upper hand. Orwell’s assertion that pacifism during World War II aids the enemy is correct. For example, any talk of pacifism aids the enemy by encouraging them. How does pacifism encourage the enemy, by letting them do as they pleased with no consequences? Evil people like Adolf Hitler would be encouraged to overtake nations. If we followed the pacifist way of thinking many evil people roaming earth would be able to do harm to others with no limitations. That is why Orwell believes that war is necessary in order to overcome evil. George Orwell states “failure to fight enemies of this kind would eventually cause more suffering and misery than the bloodies war” (282). If we don’t go to war in order to defeat evil people there will be greater deaths and suffering then any war can do. War might seem evil and inhumane but might is the only answer to defeat evil people like Hitler. In addition, pacifism during a war lowers morale. How can one expect to win a war if we do not fight back and try to end it? The only way people can have faith and confidence in defeating the enemy is if they know we will do what it takes to defeat it. George Orwell addresses how ignorant it is to be pacifism during a war that causes many...
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