Passionate Declarations: Chapter 3

Topics: Human, Psychology, Humans Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Chapter 3: Violence and Human Nature
Zinn’s point of his writing in chapter 3 is that human ‘violent nature’ is usually by the up brining of the individual. The one consistent in Zinn’s writing with this chapter is: Are we supposed to blame war on human nature? Is the government the be-all-end-all when it comes to how humans react and act during war? Those are some extremely well thought out questions that Zinn brought up multiple times. There are not many ties resulting back to any psychological, physical or any other type of studies to relate on how humans become violent/aggressive in the world we live in. History is the one thing that Einstein, Freud and many other intellectual people have pointed back to the reason why some people would become hostile. Milgram experiment can really put some perspective on how it affects humans with how close they are when it comes to inflicting pain, or making a situation worse, for another individual. When those people saw wrong answers, they were supposed to hit a button to inflict an electric buzz. When the study examined when someone was put closer to the person, they were more likely to exit the experiment. If they were place further away with less conflict of interested, they were less inclined to leave the experiment. Never the less, people still were pushing the button because a person with ‘more power’ told them that they had to push that button if they were to get an answer wrong. Zinn also points out that the notion of violence in war is usually just another man following his country’s best interest. We as humans, almost always, assume that our political leaders know best. There were multiple stories in there of men that were not proud of what they did but just simply put that they were doing what they were told to do. To the people that don’t do what the government tries to ‘brainwash’ them in doing for war purposes are dismantled and looked down upon by the government. They are out casted as...
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