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Gift buying is something we all have to do, but let's face it—it is not always an easy or enjoyable task. Quite often finding a suitable and meaningful gift for that special someone is something we dread, especially during the holiday season. Giving a goat is just one of the alternative options to traditional gift giving that are much more worthwhile than giving someone another coffee mug or sweater.

Convert your gift shopping woes to action by donating to Oxfam Canada.

Oxfam is a non-government organization dedicated to finding and building lasting solutions to poverty and injustice around the world. Oxfam is also dedicated to keeping you informed about every step of the donation process. This means you choose exactly where and how your donation is spent. For example, you can choose to donate poultry, goats, as well as cows – and you can choose the country. Oxfam not only donates the animal, but all the means to support it, including training for the family on how to raise the animals in a sustainable way ensuring that the family remains self-sufficient. They then encourage the gifts of offspring to neighbours so that a whole vi llages becomes self-sustaining.

Oxfam Canada makes it easy for you to buy something you will feel good giving. Somethingyour loved one will feel good receiving, and, of course, a family in need will be more than grateful to accept. It is rare we can find a gift that changes the lives of so many.

A gift of a goat, a donkey, or chicken can provide a source of independent income allowing greater resilience in times of drought or famine. By giving someone a gift of training on gender-based violence, your contribution will go towards reducing these types of incidents, or a People Power Pack can help others stand up for their rights. If you want to make your gift giving a little extra special, join Oxfam and give a gift that will help change many lives.

For more information, please visit http://www.oxfamunwrapped.ca....
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