Btec Unit 1 Pass1&2

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Unit 1|
Pass 1 and 2|

Pass 1

Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting organizations.

In this assignment I will be describing the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting organizations. The two organizations I have chosen are Hema and Oxfam these are two types of business which are different to each other.

Hema is one of the organizations that I have chosen, it is an international organization Hema . Which offers a lot, they have got, clothes, food, bikes, bedding, accessorize, school stuff. Hema’s main aim is to maximize profit. Hema operates in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Germany the main benefits for Hema to operate on a large scale are that they will make more profits in a shorter period of time.   The reason for this is because in the Netherlands alone they have got 600 stores from which they generate their money from. And then in other countries they have got more stores from which they make money, so even though they have got large profit margins in the Netherlands alone they have more around the world from which they will receive more profits.

Another organization I have chosen Oxfam which is also an international organization which is working along with 13 other groups around the world. Oxfam tries to put an end to worldwide poverty they do this by providing tools to enable people to become self supporting and those open markets of international trade where crafts and produce from poorer regions of the world can be sold at fair price to benefit the producer. Oxfam works with partners and communities on long term programmers to exterminate poverty and fight injustice. There are many fund raising events taking place which raise money for Oxfam as well as other business which represent them. Hema and Oxfam are both international organizations the benefits of both organizations being worldwide is that they will have a much wider customer base which means that they will have more people donating and buying because they are based around the world.

Oxfam operates on a global scale because they benefit from worldwide donations and therefore they can help more people in need. Hema is a private sector business and the reason for this is because they make a lot of money for its private owners and can afford to give a share to their owners and not the government. Oxfam is a voluntary/ not-for- profit business and the reason for this is because they keep their prices low in order for people to be able to afford their products and then with the money they have made they would help people in 3rd world countries. Oxfam belongs to the tertiary sector and this is because their main objective is to sell and provide a service for the needy. Hema is also in the tertiary sector because there main objective is also to sell and provide a good service however they would also be classed as being in the primary and secondary sector because they also use raw materials to produce their own product.

The main purpose of Hema is to make a profit and expand this is the reason why Hema exists they do this by using low profits and generate great revenue also they keep up with competitive prices. They have their own branded product which generates even more profit for them. They also help others by providing jobs for everyone.

The main purpose that Oxfam exists is to help the less fortunate people and the third world countries such as Africa. They sell their products below costs so they could generate more income for other uses. The income they generate from the sales they use that to buy equipment and tools for survival. They also provide a service where it is needed most. Other businesses would support Oxfam because they are a charitable business and they could do this by supplying them with various products at or below cost in order to help them and they can give donations to them as well.   Oxfam would respond to government agencies if there was a...
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