Overview of Teacher Talk in College English Classroom

Topics: Language education, Teaching English as a foreign language, Education Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: September 27, 2011
Overview of Teacher Talk in College English Classroom Teaching Teacher Talk means the speeches that the teachers use to carry out teaching activities, impart knowledge and spread ideas. In the college English classroom, teacher talk include not only the Chinese explanation, but also the English speech given by teachers. In the content, teacher talk include the explanation of teaching content as well as teachers’ questions and comment. In addition, the criticism (such as criticism on some discipline issues), the advice (such as the advice on developing the habit of self-study) and the comment(such as the comment of some problems raised by teaching content) on the issues beside the teaching content which are given by teacher, are also parts of teacher talk. In a word, every single word of teachers can be a part of teacher talk.

Generally, we can divide the function of teacher talk into following aspects: teaching words of teachers, communication words between students and teachers, feedback words of teachers and other words. The writer thinks that teacher talk in college English classroom teaching have some features according to the function of teacher talk and the fundamental purpose of the college English teaching. A. Simplicity

Used in foreign language teaching, the teacher talk in English classroom must be simplified on content when using the target language. Teachers should simplify the structure of original sentences and use some low-level words which is understandable for students. B. Exemplary

English teacher talk, except for the function of finishing teaching, also play the role of model of using language, which has a direct effect on the training of students’ speech and language sense , and the habitual diction of students while the teaching gradually permeating. C. Periodicity

Acquiring and learning English is a step-by-step process. And this process has the periodic character. So teachers should follow the principle of...
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