Overview of Profession

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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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Health Information Technology

Modesty Busby

Kaplan University

Overview of Profession

Health Information Technology careers are the management of electronic health records. Health information technology employees are working to improve the quality of health care while preventing medical records errors, through the advancement of computer technology, medical records will be securely exchanged between medical authorities, consumers, insurers, government officials and other personnel. With the electronic recording of medical records, there is a decrease in paperwork/ files and a reduction in health care cost and enhance administration efficiency. With electronic medical records, early disease detection will be a factor. Electronic medicals will allow physician to determine the medical need of patient. Patients will have a better understanding of the medical records because it will be stored concisely and all together. The cost of health care will decrease because of the efficiency of electronic records being readily available. Physicians will immediately know a patient's medical history which will reduce unnecessary repeats of x-rays, labs and other procedures. This will also improve disease management.

Graduates of health information technology programs will have the advantage of working in clinics, long term care facilities, insurance companies, government agencies and home care providers. The field can become broad with the positions that are held.

Many work as insurance claims analysts, clinic coder, patient recorders technician, health analyst or insurance compliance auditor. Health information technician field is vast in opportunities. The health information technician will need strong communication skills to effectively communication with the physician's, convey medical record information....
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