Overview of India's Energy Sector

Topics: Energy development, Nuclear power, Peak oil Pages: 11 (4094 words) Published: May 8, 2013

Background of India:
India is located in south Asia with the population of 1.24 billion people. It has huge amount of population that is why it is known as 2nd largest country in the world and due to vast population large number of people are living in severe poverty. India is having democratic setup and because of enormous population they are not able to provide basic necessities of life to their citizens although India is considered themselves in the finest economies of the world , its geographical location is like in the south is has Indian Ocean, in the south west is has Arabian sea while in the south east it has bay of Bengal, in the west we have Pakistan, china is on north eastern side and in the east it has Bangladesh etc, two languages are very much common in India “Hindi and English” they are official languages there are other regional languages as well some sources says that they are 23 (International Energy Agency,2007) but some says that they are 18 languages which are spoken in India . In rural areas of India there are large numbers of illiterate people who even don’t know how to read and write. India is one of the developed countries in South Asia and she is developing more day by day politically and economically she wants to become economic giant in south Asia she is continuously competing with China in different sectors and it is hope that soon India will become economic monster because of its rapid economic growth. In Indian Kashmir we have majority of Muslims and they are fighting with Indian Hindus they wants to become part of Pakistan and wants to live their life according to Islam and Quran. There are a lot of other sects who are existing in India except Hindu Muslims Sikhs and Christians and there are conflicts going on in India between different sects. In order to understand India’s energy sector first there is serious need to understand the social political and economic structure of India (IEA, 2012). Economic development:

After 1947 when India got independence the terms economic development and economic growth were used as one meaning but in the 21st century the term economic development has wider meaning and economic growth is narrower when we talk about economic development it means we are also including human beings their issues regarding poverty illiteracy resources in all areas country is developing while economic growth mainly links with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and national income of country. From 1947 to 1991 Indian economy was based on mixed economy mixture of capitalism and socialism but after 1991 India adopted the policy of liberalization or free market system under the rule of Man Mohan Singh, India is on 141st number regarding its nominal GDP of USD 1,847 billion and on 130th number regarding its GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of USD 3,976 it is estimated in 2012 and she is having 18th number towards its exports or 10th number towards its imports its GDP got increased from 2010 to 2011. Since independence India has been developed in various sectors like in education sector it became flourished after 1947 many schools were constructed and today literacy rate is very much high, India started many reforms or programs related to education and made education a basic right for children above the age of 5 years. Poverty is the another major problem which India has been faced after independence poverty arises when government is not able to fulfill the basic necessities of its citizen for the reason that India is having large population so most of the people live below the poverty line she is still trying to cope up with the problem of poverty but because of fast growing population it is nearly impossible to provide the essential components to all individuals of the country but if we see from 1947 till today the level of poverty got reduced and today Indian economy is included in the best economies of the world...
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