Overseas Employment

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Overseas Employment

A Concept Paper
Presented to
Mrs. Maria Suzette G. Palao
Language and Humanities Department
San Beda College Alabang

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for
Eng 102 (Technical Writing)
Second Semester
Academic Year 2011-2012

De Jesus, Kim Kea R.
Ocampo, Victoria Joselle A.
Vasquez, Nica Tere B.
Overseas employment refers to employment of a worker outside a country. Overseas employment has been part of Filipino households’ lives. It provides opportunities for developing responsibility, flexibility, and self-resilience. It can also prepare individuals for an international career change that can lead to a satisfying life working overseas. Approximately eight million Filipinos overseas are permanent residents, temporary workers, or irregular migrants. Majority are temporary workers known as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). Although, there are some who leave the country for tourism and other purposes but they eventually overstay, seek employment, and become irregular workers overseas. There are different reasons for individuals to work abroad. To earn money, to meet new companions, to be more skilled, etc. The reasons for working overseas are unlimited - from a desire to travel, learn new ways of living, learn a new language, to developing a stronger career with international experience in your field. Overseas jobs can give you the chance to take on more responsibility and develop some new skills, particularly in the area of cross-cultural communications. The challenges you'll meet will call on your creativity and resourcefulness. For us students, it helps to solidify our life purpose, or launches us in an exciting new direction with our career aspirations. Hence, this paper aims to answer the following questions:

1. What is Overseas Employment?
2. What are the purposes and effects of Overseas Employment?

What is Overseas Employment?
Overseas came from Middle English “overse” while employment came from Middle French “empleier”, from Latin “implicare” which means "to enfold, involve, be connected with", itself from in- "in" + plicare "to fold") + -ment. Overseas means pertaining to countries, associations, activities, etc., beyond the sea or abroad and employment means an occupation by which a person earns a living; work; business. Overseas employment is referred as the employment of a worker outside a country, including employment on board vessels plying international waters, covered by a valid employment contract. The nature of overseas employment is that for decades, the toil of solitary migrants has helped lift entire families and communities out of poverty. They have woven together the world by transmitting ideas and knowledge from country to country. The migrant workers have provided the dynamic human link between cultures, societies and economies. Will I need a work permit or visa? Yes. You can apply for it at the Philippine Embassy and don’t forget all of the documents that you need. How will I search for an appropriate job? Search for an appropriate job which fits and suits your personality. In that way, you will be comfortable and you can easily adapt your current situation when you are working abroad. How will I contact prospective employers? Contact the “legal recruiters”. Ask the government’s agencies if your employer has its permit to recruit and employ applicants like you. What are the purposes and effects of Overseas Employment?

First, what agency is concern about the migration of the overseas workers here in the Philippines? P.O.E.A is the agency that handles the country’s overseas employment. It was created to promote and develop the overseas employment program and protect the rights of migrant workers. It goes hand in hand with Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), and Overseas Workers and Welfare Administration (OWWA). DID YOU KNOW?

Philippine is...
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