Career Critically Analyze the Challenges Faced by Graduates in a Volatile Global Economy

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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Within the context of the boundaryless career critically analyze the challenges faced by graduates in a volatile global economy

For most students, university graduation is a cause for joy, which is accompanied by a strong sense of self-fulfillment as a result of successfully finishing the last stages of the educational cycle. But the euphoria that accompanies these moments begins to lose their intensity, and make way for a new feeling that a increasingly number of recent graduates face: doubt. This doubt arises from the fear we feel whenever a change occurs in our life and in this instance it is about changing their social status. Main body

New graduates are forced to face difficult situations to make the next step in their professional life. Orientation activities aim at professional developing and to equip students with knowledge and skills necessary to achieve an efficient management of their careers. This is absolutely necessary in the context of a flexible labor markets and largely unpredictable, that is continuously changing both its external and internal (changes in requirements imposed by various professions) configuration. Job requirements are constantly evolving:

• increase of the complexity of the tasks to be performed; • increase of the number and complexity of knowledge, skills and abilities to be exercised in the work place; • increase of the pressure on individuals to take a series of individual decisions; • emphasizes the role of effective communication skills; • more and more initiative, motivation and flexibility is needed in work performance tasks.

In these conditions, a strict guideline, unidirectional, based on a static model, an overlap of personal characteristics with the occupational characteristics of a field is no longer valid. As Savickas stated, orientation activities aim to educate young people to obtain independence and flexibility in five areas of competence: • knowledge of himself;...
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