Overcoming Obesity

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Overcoming Obesity
Bird flu, swing flu, H1N1 and Aids are some of the disasters that people have going through in the last two decades. The more cures scientists find, the more disasters emerge. However, a disaster, which has been ignored, is getting common all over the world. “Obesity” is accepted to be a person’s being overweight because of some specific reasons such as unhealthy dietary habits, overeating and less activity. This may sound quite normal but obesity has become a lethal disease. Therefore, serious attempts such as educating people, regulation of fast-food and advertising healthy products to outcome the disease must be made immediately.

First of all, the leading role for overcoming this disaster is the governments. Initially, parents should be educated so that they would be more careful while feeding their children. For instance, conferences should be held on raising children. Most obese people get unhealthy dietary habits when they are under six years old. If Health Ministry educates parents about what to do and how to do it, new generations will be less vulnerable to obesity. To put it other words, children who have been raised by such educated parents pay more attention to have healthy dietary habits.

Another possible measure to combat obesity would be the regulation of fast food consumption in schools. More and more parents are getting a job nowadays and that makes children lead a lonely life at home. Moreover, children come to school not having had a proper breakfast because their parents give them allowance in order for them to have lunch in the school canteen, which is abound with unhealthy fast-food products. That both parents work is a inevitable fact so governments should regulate canteens’ menu.

Finally, governments should promote media for advertising healthy products. Children are always watching T.V and media has a great influence on them. If children grasphow harmful fast-food consumption is, they may give up consuming...
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