Overbooking in the Hospitality Industri

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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Is group business now or is it likely to become a significant aspect of your hotel's business landscape? If it is currently a significant aspect of your business, what are you doing to evaluate the profitability of group and other non yieldable business, and with what degree of success? Well, let’s try to evaluate these questions from different perspectives. I have quite often been dealing with groups’ management in Hospitality field, so here is my contribution to this discussion. It is my personal opinion that these target segments represent a fundamental contributor for any property business revenue (by addressing this must be clear that basic additional service offers (e.g. onsite restaurant or nightclub lounge, appropriate meetings room, ADV equipment) needs to be available to better optimize this contribution). That being said, I think it is important to have a proprietary hotel revenue system which appropriately includes group revenue management /profitability evaluation module (I loved the simply displacement template) and calculate the expected contribution of a prospective group’s offer. Through this models, which takes into account forecasting, pricing, overbooking and overall the right balance between transient revenue and group revenue Hotel marketers and sales managers can assess that contribution from the group should be greater than the financial contribution lost from the transient segment and confirm the level of revenue growth/success by accepting the group business, Regarding the ABH, I guess that WICB Group would provide consistent profit contribution and positively impact the Hotel’s revenue performance as long as the displacement model confirms that transient forecast can be manageable. Open a fun restaurant and nightclub lounge. Assign someone in your marketing department to actively promote your facility to local businesses as a place where they can hold office parties. Businesses, organizations and chambers of commerce often hold...
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