Outside/ Inside vs. Lunch Money Carol Diggory Shields

Topics: Rhyme, Poetry, Rhyme scheme Pages: 3 (1256 words) Published: October 1, 2011
“Outside/Inside” Vs. “Lunch Money”

Two. Two What? Two artistic, meaningful, and melodic poems dummy. The cleverly crafted poem entitled “Outside/Inside” by Carol Diggory Shields describe a young child in elementary school who wants to play outside in the rain, but is not allowed to and has to color in geography maps with other classmates. The witty poem entitled “Lunch Money” Carol Diggory Shields describes a child who has asked every single one of his elders for lunch money and can only rely on his piggy bank for providing money to buy lunch at school. The two poems portray different figurative language, mood, and messages, but have some similarities including the speaker and rhyming.

To begin with the figurative language between “Outside/Inside” and “Lunch Money” is different. “Outside/Inside” contains personification in its elaborate words and that is really all the poem needs. “The leaves are snapping” (2) “...the wires are strumming” (5) “The air is humming” (4). The personification in this poem gives a deeper felling to what is going on outside the speaker’s school. It makes you want to read on and find out what else the storm is making the objects do outside. Also, there is a constant repetition of “Outside” (1,5,9) and “Inside” (4,8,12). By repeating “Outside” (1,5,9) in the first line as the first word and repeating “Inside” (4,8,12) in the last line as the first word, Shields, plants an expectation for the next line to talk about what is happening on the outside of the school and the inside of the classroom. Our expectations are not let down and throughout the whole poem. “Lunch Money” ,on the other hand, does not have much figurative language. It has practically nothing. No alliteration, no similes, and no metaphors. There is a slight repetition in the last line of the poem, but that is the only enhancing part of the poem. “Piggy bank, piggy bank...” (6). By repeating those two words twice at the end of the poem, Shields also is trying to plant...
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