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LESSON OUTLINE for First Year High School Students in English
Date: March 13, 2012
Identifying and using adverbs of manner and frequency
The students are expected to:
1. Identify adverbs of manner and frequency;
2. Use appropriate adverb in completing sentences, and;
3. Construct meaningful sentences using the set of adverbs.
Bridges to Better Communication I by Belen F. Vinluan and Amor T. Paunan English for All Times I by Evelyn B. Angeles and Alicia R. Bambico MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT:
Worksheets, copy of the story “The King” and instructional materials MOTIVATION:
The teacher will ask: “Do you ever dream to be a king or a queen? What do you think are the characters or attitudes that a king or a king should possess? As we read the selection, we will examine if the king in the selection that we will read possesses the attitudes that you mentioned. PRESENTATION OF THE LESSON:

Read the text titled “The King” and discuss the story.
Discuss the language skill, “Adverbs of Manner and Frequency” using sentences from the text. Let the students identify the adverbs of manner and frequency from the example sentences. GENERALIZATION:

After the activities, the students are now knowledgeable about the use of adverb of manner and frequency. APPLICATION:
After the students identify and understand the use of adverb of manner and frequency, they will eventually apply their learning in composing their own meaningful sentences to express their ideas. EVALUATION:

Construct a meaningful paragraph using a set of adverbs in a minimum of five sentences. ASSIGNMENT:
Cite an article from a newspaper, specifically in features part, and underline the adverb of manner and frequency used in the article. Paste it in a short bond paper.

Prepared by: Hanna Glory Fernandez
Checked and approved by: Dr. Anacoreta Manimtim
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