Outline Chapter 4 - America a Narrative History

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  • Published : September 29, 2011
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Colonial ways of life
* Four mass migrations from British Isles
1. Puritans (1630-1641) settles Massachusetts
2. Aristocrats settled Virginia
3. Quakers settled West jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware
4. Celtic Britons and Scotch-Irish (1717-1775) settled backcountry and Appalachian Mountains.

* Colonists spoke English and shared same faith but also had: 1. Distinct dialects
2. Distinct culture
3. Distinct social aspects

* Native American hunting practices changed the environment creating ideal conditions for agriculture.

* Seaboard environment transformed by European management of resources

* Domestic animals were shipped to America by 1650 and outnumbered colonists 1. Domesticated animals were free among the lands destroying the native’s planted fields 2. Trespassing livestock and expanding colonial settlements caused friction between colonists and Indians 3. The frictions were followed by King Philips war and Bacon’s rebellion.

* Significant population growth in Virginia and its successors 1. In 1750 one million habitants and 2.5 million in 1775 2. In 1751 Benjamin Franklin published “observations concerning the increase of mankind” 3. Scarce labor and more lands induced larger families

* Birthrates rose in result of better economy and drop on the average marriage age

* Malaria and dysentery were contracted by English settlers

* Ship with tobacco brought unseen cargoes of smallpox, diphtheria and other infections

* Sex ratios and Family:

1. Groups migrated more often to the northern colonies tans to the southern bringing more women with them 2. Virginia’s seventeenth century ratio was three males to each female 3. Majority of women who arrived in the cheasapake were unmarried servants 4. While southern colonies reverted to a more even sex ratio, British America had...
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