Out of Many Ch.3 Dbq Questions.

Topics: Massachusetts Bay Colony, Massachusetts, Thirteen Colonies Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: November 9, 2011
Ch.3 dbq’s
* How would tens of thousands of settlers immigrating to New England with this image of their own purpose shape the development of that colony? * Winthrop wants them to be a city in which everyone can copy, and look up to. They want to be a city upon a hill, literally where they can control everyone around them. They want to be a prosperous yet very close minded estate with no religious tolerance. * What kinds of settlers arrived in Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth Plantation, and Connecticut? * The puritans and Pilgrims arrived there (New England Colony). They were very religious. Pilgrims wanted to separate from the church completely and the Puritans wanted to reform it because they were Protestants. * Were these colonies settled by individuals or by family units * FAMILY UNITS.

* What were the townships established by the Puritans and how were they organized? * Puritans established Massachusetts Bay Colony, and they succeeded in self-government, however the Pilgrims established/founded Plymouth colony and failed to keep self-government. The Puritans also were a strong religious community. * How did the settlers of the New England colonies support themselves? * They were big economically with lumber and cod.

* How did the environment shape the development of Puritan society? * Commercial Fleets
* How did these points of view affect the development of the New England Colonies? * They were economically prosperous; 3rd largest English commercial center DOCUMENT B:
* Why did tobacco cultivation lead to the headright and indenture system? * SAVED JAMESTOWN, Virginia
* What kind of immigrants arrived under the headright or as indentured servants? * Young, mostly male men. Unmarried women and children. Some were craftsmen. * How did this shape society among the Chesapeake colonies? * They were agriculturally prosperous,...
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