Our Current Education System : Good or Bad?

Topics: Education, Teacher, Student Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: October 30, 2011
I often come across the question, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” to which I reply, “Something in the field of Science, probably research.” But when I sit back and think, I often feel like becoming a teacher, not just to teach children, but to change their point of view of achieving excellence, not good marks or scores.

At times, children don't see how much knowledge they have. They measure this knowledge by marks and not by how much they have understood. And when they score less, they think they are not intelligent. I, being in ninth standard, have also seen my friends crying for marks and I also feel extremely bad if I score less but I feel worse about the stupid mistakes I make. But no one realizes that there is a positive side of scoring less : you get to improve and ensure that you don' t repeat the mistakes you have made.

We can't really blame only the children for treating marks as the most important thing. The parents are also to be blamed. I have often seen my classmates becoming tense more because of the fear of getting scolded by their parents than because of their exam results.This should not happen. The parents should encourage the children, and not pressurise them. Some teachers are also to be blamed, teaching and telling students to do well in exams focusing primarily on marks. They are the ones making our education system work as it is working right now. This should change.

The teachers, parents and the education system must realise how much burden they are putting on the little children who are like tender and delicate buds, which often are unable to bloom into flowers because of this burden

Also, I feel that our current education system is also responsible for this in many ways. Our education system stresses only on marks and so the children also think that marks are more important than learning and they study only for scoring, not for learning something new. This...
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