Ottoman Empire

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Caitlin Yilmaz
Mr. Tunstead
Social Studies Period 1 H
4 March 2013

The Ottoman Empire
During the Middle Ages, the Pope, Pope Urban, called for a crusade at the Council of Clermont. Urban claimed that the goal was to reclaim the Holy Land, but the real reason behind the Crusades was not for God, but for power. The Pope wanted to extend his power over the Byzantine Empire. The first few Crusades were about reclaiming the Holy Land, but when the fourth Crusade came, the religious ideals were shed in exchange for those of greed and political ambition. By the time the Crusades ended, the Byzantine Empire was weak, and soon they were conquered by the Turks. These Turks would soon identify themselves as the Ottoman Empire, and would bring about great changes that would affect the world in which we live in. According to an article called "Ottoman Empire" (“World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras”), The Ottoman Empire was established during the 13th Century. The Empire’s founder, Osman I, fled from advances from the Mongol Empire and later assembled a group of nomadic Turks right on the Byzantine Empire’s frontier. Under two of Osman I’s successors, Orhat and Murat I, the Ottoman Empire had gained more land and with that- more power. From the 12th Century to the 14th Century, the Ottoman Empire continued to grow through conquest and establishing Turkish principalities until the Empire faced defeat at the Battle of Ankara at the hands of a Mongol known as khan Timur (“Ancient and Medieval Eras”). And no matter how much power the Ottoman Empire gained, the sultan never had complete control due to checks that limited what the sultan could and couldn’t do (Imber 320). The Ottoman Empire began its growth in north-western Anatolia. They resided to the east of Byzantine-controlled Constantinople. They were among the many Turkish principalities that indicated change in both Anatolia’s ethnicity and religion. By the beginning of the 14th Century, Anatolia had changed from...
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