Topics: Othello, Iago, Michael Cassio Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Today I am questioned with why Othello not only believes Iago's lies, but succumbs to them and acts out upon them. The reasons behind this inculde the theme of honesty and trust, as seen in Iago's character. During the first few scenes it would appear that Othello is close to Iago, but not vice versa. Othello is seen freely presenting Iago as honest. It is then revealed that Iago isn't as honest as his name, but the complete opposite. The reason Othello calls him honest is beacause he trusts him. This trust comes from Othello viewing Iago as fair and righteous as well as knowing him for a while, as it seems the two are well acquainted. However, this is not Iago's true character, but rather much like a puppeteer who manipulates his friends. However, because views Iago as trust worthy due to the past they share, it gives an opening for Iago to feed Othello lies and and make him act out upon them. Iago's character is optimal for carrying out deception, but Othello's character is also made that he is easily deceived. He is well presented and a high class man. He speaks well mannered as well, which reflects his character, someone who you can trust and be trusted back. This is the opening which allows Iago to manilpulate him to a state where he believes anything he says. Othello's personality and doubts let him take in whatever Iago tells him because he had told Othello about the context and sown the seeds of doubt. This trust that Othello has leads to him again succumb to Iago's lies. When the hankerchief is introduced, Othello's downfall began. The story which is presented by Iago about Cassio and Desdemona isn't given all at once. Instead, Iago craftily gives it to him pieces by piece, giving Othello time to quesiton and expand his doubts about Desdemona. This brings Othello believing that the worst outcome is true while Iago reinforces his doubts. The theme of trust doesn't appear between only Othello and Iago but also Othello and Desdemona. The bond between...
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