Osmosis: Various Sucrose Concentrations

Topics: Concentration, Chemistry, Osmosis Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Osmosis is the transport of water across a selectively permeable membrane from a region of a higher water chemical potential to a region of lower water chemical potential. (Tzahi 2006) To demonstrate osmosis lab, artificial cells were made with various sucrose concentrations and were placed into beakers of different sucrose solutions. Overall the results showed that the higher percentage of concentration gradient of sucrose, the more the artificial cells absorbed. Introduction:

The phenomenon being investigated in the lab was how the concentration gradient affects the rate of osmosis in a cell. Osmosis is the passive movement of water from and area of high concentration, temperature, and pressure. The concentration gradient is the difference in concentration though a solution (Concentration Gradient 2012) They all affect the rate of osmosis by increasing the gradient of the solution, and increasing the energy in the system. For this experiment, it is predicted that an increase in solution concentration will cause a proportional change in the rate of osmosis. Creating artificial cells that contained different concentrations of sucrose tested this hypothesis. In ten-minute increments, the weights of the cells were recorded. Overall a change in weight was found and also the slope to show how much the concentration gradient had on the rate of osmosis. Materials and Methods:

The materials used for the experiment were: five dialysis bags, ten orange clamps to seal our cells, and breakers labeled on thought five. To make sure that the dialysis bags stayed durable they were soaked in water for about ten minutes (or they softened). When the bags were ready to be filled with sucrose solution, the bags were clamped on one side and then opened on the other side. Each bag was then filled with 10 mL of certain solution. Bag one had just tap water, bag two had 20% sucrose, bag three consisted of 40% sucrose, bag four had 60% sucrose, and bag five consisted of...
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