Osha Act

Topics: Pension, Occupational safety and health, Cash balance plan Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: July 23, 2011
Running Head: OSHA Act

April 17, 2011


1.The Occupational Safety and Health Administration were created out of the OSHA act the first of three agencies. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration also known as OSHA and its purpose is to set health and safety standards first and foremost (Moran, 2008). The Secretary of Labor establishes standards, and must set forth the standards preventing employees from suffering any harm. These standards set forth by the Secretary of Labor are only implemented after much research and experiments to ensure reliable standards. Therefore OSHA is more so responsible for establishing the standards and through inspections they are able to ensure those standards are enforced (Moran, 2008). 2. The employer must come into compliance with the OSHA standard however if there is a reduction of known hazards can be used. The ultimate achievement is the have the company is in compliance making the work place a safe environment. A plus would be for a temporary variance obtained from the Secretary of Labor maybe requested. This is since the employer is unable to provide the technical expertise or materials and or equipment needed or the plant or equipment cannot even be altered by the required date. The employer must come into compliance within one year, with an extension for 1 year. The one-year time can be renewed for an up two times. This too can be done as soon as possible (Moran, 2008) 3. With the understanding, the law firm does not want the office to be ergonomically sound due to the cost. I would still recommend the firm of Moran, Mullin, and Hall provide an ergonomic assessment. The possibility of ordering some of the items might be less expressive since the requirement(s) would not be to issue a chair with a massager, and I am sure the assessment will provide a more costly saving plan to ensure the employees are cover. This brings backs a case in our text, which indicated the part time employee, provided to...
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