Orientation to Art

Topics: Photography, Color photography, William Eggleston Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: March 19, 2013
William Eggleston: Anointing the Overlooked 1970s-2000s|
Orientation to Art, Dr. Aguirre|
Sarah MW 12:40pm|

The topic of the exhibit is finding a new use for color photography using iconic images from the 1970s and “his images are psychologically complex, yet structurally quotidian, drawing attention to the power and beauty of the overlooked.” The exhibition, originated by the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, includes 50 photographs by the Memphis, Tennessee resident who is one of the most influential artists of his generation. Included in the exhibition are selections from the permanent collection of the Memphis Brooks Museum, Cheim & Read Gallery, New York, with the assistance of the Eggleston Artistic Trust, and the David Lusk Gallery, Memphis, and The Frist’s screening of the documentary created in 2007, By the Ways: A Journey with William Eggleston, directed by Vincent Gérard and Cédric Laty. William Eggleston: Anointing the Overlooked is an exhibition currently, yet temporarily, located at The Frist of Nashville, Tennessee, the brings together recent photographs and original images by one of today’s most famous photographers, William Eggleston. He has been criticized for using dye-transfer photographs, which is complicated and expensive in terms of prints. He only photographs every day objects that are always overlooked, and some people say is a waste of money to use the dye-transfer. Eggleston uses this process for making prints from his transparencies and color photographs, as it permits him to control the colors individually, and also to exaggerate them according to his intended color emphasis. Originally developed for the production of opaque copy in advertising and magazine printing, this process utilizes water-soluble dyes which, compared with other color printing processes, are extremely durable--an extra bonus for collectors. The use of the dye-transfer technique enables William Eggleston to add a psychological component to the...
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