Organizing a Conference for International Financial Services

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VMI business case.
Organizing a conference.

Background information:

Specialty: International Financial Services
Location: Valencia, Spain
Date, time: July (from Friday evening to Monday morning).
Budget: $2000 per participant (all prices include the cost of the flights). Venue / must have:
- reasonable access to air international airport;
- one large conference room,
- preferably four or more seminar rooms,
- a choice of activities outside the main conference program. Participants:
- Chief Executive,
- senior manager,
- subsidiaries & sales offices;
~ 50 managers
- to allow managers to get to know each other,become a stranger international team; - to thanks managers for their hard work;
- to discuss how the company can improve it product and services Prepared location:
- city 28 (the majority voted for city),
- island 25,
- seaside 24,
- out of town 23.

The Problem:
There are 4 hotels; the VMI should chose one of them for their first international conference according their requirement.

Possible Solutions:
Long Beach Hotel, Casablanca,Morocco
Hotel Moda, Prague, Czech Republic
Hotel Matong, Tioman, Malaysia
Hotel Colossus, Las Vegas, USA

Best Solution:
To my mind the best option is the Hotel Matong in Malaysia. Firstly, it is luxury 5-star hotel which situated on beautiful island. It has spacious grounds with tropical gardens. This hotel allows large range of activities i.e. golf, tennis, football. In conformity with the company’s requirement the Matong provides wide choice of different conference rooms. It is not very accessible, but I am convinced that these all advantages preponderate, since exotic nature is an excellent tool for the team building.
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