Organizing Paper Mgt 330

Topics: Management, Target Corporation, Organization Pages: 3 (1069 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Organizing Paper

Each business and organization has their own way on how the operate as well as how they organize within their organization. Different organizations have different operations, responsibilities as well as services that they provide. When organizations are operating they have certain plans, policies, and rules to develop and follow in order to have efficient strategies. When a new project is put into effect, the strategies will then need to be put into effect. When organizations such as Target implements the organizing functions of management, Target will need to use many different resources in order to aid their organization. Resources that Target uses when implementing organizing functions of management are monetary and physical assets, human resources, and technology. Target also focuses on their coordination, control of tasks, division of labor, and information. All of these resources are vital to Target in order to carry out the task at stake. The human resources department within Target is valuable to the company’s success as it is responsible for hiring employees, developing effective tools to assist team members, building Target’s brand through different strategies, and drive change and influences that can show results every day ( The human resources department within Target delivers these goals and responsibilities as knowledge, motivations, and skills are what help lead the organization to success. The Human resources department in Target is also responsible for the proper training of all of Target’s employees in the skills and knowledge necessary in order to successfully do their job. The human resources department is also responsible for training programs within each store in order to ensure effective customer service. In Target’s organization of management technology plays a large role due to the constant changing and developments of electronics, science, and technology. Target makes a large...
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