Organizational Methods for Managing Stress

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  • Published: February 18, 2013
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Lesson Plan: Stress Less Students
|Counselor: | Adapted from health lesson play by Beth Emnett, Ithaca | | |College | |Grade: | Middle/High School | |Subject: | Coping with Stress |

|Topic: | Stress management needs to be taught because it gives students a chance to learn how to calm themselves after | | |a long day of school work and the other stresses in their lives. Managing stress not only helps students get a | | |break from life, it also helps center them and make them more ready to learn. This is important when students | | |are coming to a class that they may not always look forward to everyday. Stress management is also a topic that| | |can be used whenever students want to and many techniques can be taught in the classroom. Stress affects all | | |people in their everyday lives and people have to change in order to cope with this (Pincus & Friedman, 2004). | |Content: | • Stress affects all people, everyday. | | |• Stress can affect different people in different ways. | | |• There are many stressors that are specific to each person. | | |• We can reduce our stress by avoiding confrontations that create stress. | | |• There are many different ways to cope with stress. | | |• Each...
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