Organizational Management and Wal-Mart

Topics: Management, Leadership, Customer service Pages: 3 (675 words) Published: January 17, 2011
Organizational Management and Wal-Mart
John King
University of Phoenix
Management: Theory, Practice and, Application
Toney Calloway
February 02, 2010

Organizational Management and Wal-Mart
There are subtle differences between management and leadership. Management is responsible for establishing procedures that effectively run the organization. They set rules and guidelines to ensure the success of the company, and sees to it that these guidelines are followed. Management, in simple terms, runs the company. Leadership is what takes companies into the future. Good leadership influences and inspires people to reach for and achieve the set goals of the company. It positions people where they are best suited to be for success. Where it takes good management to run a company, it takes good leadership to lead that company into a successful future. Wal-Mart’s managers and leader play a key role in maintaining a healthy organizational culture. At Wal-Mart, managers are out on the floor with their sales associates. Wal-Mart employees are a team, from management to sales associate. Any Wal-Mart one walks in, they can expect to see managers working right alongside associates (“Teamwork”, 2010). To help Wal-Mart maintain a health organizational culture they follow these guidelines; Three Basic Beliefs

• Respect for the individual
• Service to our customers
• Striving for excellence
Open Communications
• Open door policy
• Associate opinion surveys
• Focus groups
Mutual support
• We help each other best serve our customers
• We each have an opportunity to do something great for the team Mutual Respect
• We look for and expect the best in others
• We anticipate that everyone wants to body successful and we always look for ways to improve • Our shared diversity is one of our greatest strengths (“Teamwork”, 2010)...
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