Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management in Mcdonalds

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An agreed case study report on organization learning and development analyzing appropriate knowledge management, design, development and learning choices available.




1. Executive summary
2. Introduction to the report
3. Company Overview
4. The learning culture at McDonalds
* Key Findings
5. Knowledge management practice at McDonalds
* Key Findings
6. Proposal for improved Knowledge management practice and learning in McDonalds 7. Conclusion
8. References

Executive Summary
This report conducts an analysis of McDonald’s learning culture and knowledge management practices, and makes recommendations of interventions that will ensure that individual and organizational learning and development takes place in the organization. The analysis carried out in this report shows that learning takes place in the organization, but it has yet to fully reach and reap the benefits of organizational learning. In light of this, and having considered the contextual factors that affect the organization, these are some of the recommendations in this report. * The need to conduct learning needs analysis for employees before administering training programmes and making available to the employees other practical learning methods like action learning, role-plays, shadowing, coaching and mentoring. * Building communities of practice and social knowledge networks * Conducting learning needs analysis before developing training programmes for staff members * Setting strategic priority to knowledge management as a means of improving learning in the organization.


With manufacturing in the decline and the hegemony of a new service industry, organizational learning began to find its place as a factor that is essential to organizational effectiveness. Over time, a lot of changes have occurred in the business management in terms of how employers, employees as well as writers view the subject of organizational learning and development. (Roper I., Prouska R. and Uracha Chatrakul Na Ayudhya, 2010). Furthermore, small firms to multinational corporations spread across the globe, has caused the flow of services, profits, hierarchy, capital, power and knowledge to become more decentralized (Chris Rees and Tony Edwards, 2011). It is vital therefore to answer the question of how to ensure that learning and development takes place in an organization with the global economic climate and in the distribution of services, profit and essentially, knowledge.

The key outcome of organizational learning is organization knowledge; it includes what employees know about the processes in the organization as well as its products, customers, competitive environment, etc. This knowledge may be explicit in that it exists in systemized forms such as in manuals, databases, and documents; or it may be tacit and dwell mainly in the individual’s memories, skills and intuition or can also be implicit. Again the question of how to manage the flow of knowledge in an organization in a way that when applied to the organization’s competitive strategy it contributes to the organization’s performance begins to surface (Cummings and Worley, 2001).

The purpose of this report therefore, is to make an analysis based on McDonalds, a multinational organization, which will cover its learning culture and knowledge management system, and make appropriate recommendation that will promote both individual and organizational learning and development.

Company Overview

McDonald’s is the leading global fast-food service retailer in the world that has majority of its restaurants operated by independent franchisees. It has more than 33,000 local restaurants catering to almost 68 million...
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