Organizational Evaluation

Topics: Foster care, Adoption, Non-profit organization Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: March 7, 2013
A. Since the organization we have chosen is a non-profit organization, advocacy rather than entrepreneurship is highly encourage. The main difference as best described by Francis Pandolfi on his speech at Princeton University on October 18, 2012, would be that "Private-sector organizations are profit-driven, non-profit organizations are mission-driven". This highlights the importance for the organization to have a compelling and competitively distinct statement that provides guidance and definition. Some of the points highlighted on the organizations’ website as well as social media pages that call for advocacy are * We support the retention of existing funding for services to children and families. * We support interventions to address the needs of victims of domestic minor sex trafficking. * We support public policy to enhance efficiency for case managers. * We support maintaining the state's Medicaid Managed Care Reform efforts to serve the legislative intent to allow for Specialty Plans to be developed to serve special populations such as children in foster care. * We support changes to current public policy that will create brighter futures for youth aging out of foster care without families. * We support allocating funds from the education budget to support the development and sustainment of community schools in Florida.   In addition to encouraging their employees to support these advocacies, the Children’s’ Home Society also encourages community involvement. They offer multiple ways to help and get involved with the children. Options range from volunteering to becoming a foster parent and adopting. The organization is invested in helping anyone interested become involved and successful at helping the children. One example of how willing citizens have helped the Children’s Home Society through advocacy would be the story of Nicole Froehlich. A published by Lisa Bolivar of TCPalm news on June 22, 2012, “Froehlich, who owns and...
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