Organizational Development

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  • Published : August 1, 2009
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Organizational Development
University of Phoenix

Organizational development concepts as a whole is what can take a company from losing profit and having employees who are unhappy and transform the company to a thriving profitable organization. This paper will examine the process of organizational development, the theories associated and the conditions necessary for successful organizational change and development. Having these concepts in an organization can impact the success and the future of a company. The process of organizational development is “a systematic, integrated, and planned approach to improving the effectiveness (Jex, & Britt, 2008, Chapter 8)” of a company. Having the top management to realize that a long term effort in supporting the employees in all avenue of the company, from when the walk through the door all the way to working in teams. Having a planned approach to the effectiveness of the company and how they are going to achieve the goals of a cohesive company. The overall goal is to help employees to see what the vision of the organization is and try to align the employees with the same goals. Help employees to learn how to deal with problems instead of avoided them. Teach leadership and employees a like to trust each other and to communication successfully to each other, this to allow employees to trust each other in all avenues of communication. Here are a few theories that are associated with organizational development. Motivation theory is based what the job entails and how a person feels about the product that they are producing. The two go hand in hand. The employee needs to believe that the job is rewarding and at the correct skill level and that they can perform the job well. This leading to the employee feel good about the whole situation. Team based theory says if the employees can all work together they will feel a group bond and work well together....
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