Organizational Culture

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Organizational Culture & Innovation
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Organizational culture entails a pattern of behavior that an organization or its member has, consistent with the ideals of that organization. Organizational culture can at times become a liability when it becomes a hindrance to change and improvement. The norms and the values that members of the organization internalize can lead them to resist change. This is especially so when that change seems to be in conflict with their norms and values. This paper intends to determine to what extent the organizational culture can impend innovativeness (Fischer, 2011). Culture and Innovation

For any company to stay ahead in today’s global competition, it has to stay innovative. Entrepreneurs understand this fact and that is why they value innovation. It is in fact innovation that makes businesses be referred to as entrepreneurial. The right type of culture for such an organization is one that encourages innovation. In that case, employees must be made to feel that they have the freedom to think outside of the norm. They should also be rewarded for any new ideas that the organization can use. A large number of organizations with cultures that are innovative tend to be smaller and less formalized (Phillips, 2012). The ability of a firm to consistently stay innovative is a product of its organizational culture. In most cases, the culture is driven by the top managers in the organization. That is why when a firm wants to stay innovative; the managers must stay focused on encouraging members to be innovative. They should be in a position to encourage the creativity of the employees and ensure that the organization is in a creativity mode. For any organization to achieve this, it has to encourage an environment of open mindedness, a free-rule environment, components that are frequently rare in large companies. Large organizations are mostly characterized by rigidity and bureaucracy in many...
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