Apple vs Micrsoft

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The Competitive Strategies of Apple vs Microsoft
Dr. Gina Zaffino
Bus 508, Contemporary Business

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Determine how each corporate culture differs from the other?

Apple corporate culture at times can be seen as a “brutal and unforgiving” place to work. Accountability is strictly enforced, decisions are swift, and communication is articulated clearly from the top. Failure is not an option. The late President Steve Jobs indoctrinated a culture of responsibility by hosting a series of weekly meetings. On Mondays he would meets with his executive management team to discuss results and strategy as well as to review nearly every important project in the company. On Wednesdays he holds marketing and communications meeting. This allows everyone to stay on the same page (Lashinsky2011). Apple enforces accountability on every rank which eliminates confusion as to who is responsible for what. There aren't any committees at Apple, the concept of general management is frowned on, and only one person, the chief financial officer has responsibility for costs and expenses that lead to profits or losses. Although there are many decision makers at the company before anything is officially approved, it had to go through the president. Through his tight-knit and largely long-serving executive team, Jobs quickly sees everything that goes on at the company. He also routinely reaches outside these inner and outer circles to collaborate on critical projects with key employees (Lashinsky2011). Microsoft’s culture was totally different from their competitor. At one time, Microsoft was the leader in technology, however over the years this began to decline with the upstart of companies like Google and Apple. Innovation is mandatory in today's super competitive corporate landscape. Up until recent, Microsoft Inc. has been seeing a mass exodus of its talent...
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